Embassy of Liberia


Liberian consular and immigration services

The Consular Sections protect the interests of Liberian citizens who travel or reside in Germany, Denmark, Austria, Norway, and Sweden.
Provide advice and information, and process applications for visas and Liberian documents.

Services for Liberian citizens include verifying citizenship claims, passport renewals, issue first time passports,  registering births of Liberian children born in countries of accredition, and other official assistance.

Other Consular Activities

Type of Request

Fee (EURO)

Passport Renewal 100 €
Express Passport Renewal 150 €
Interview of Identification and Verification of Liberian Citizen 150 €
Express 200 €
Affidavit 100 €
Express Affidavit 150 €
Letter of Clearance 300 €
Express Letter of Clearance 350 €
Authentication of document 100 €
Express Authentication of document 150 €

New Banking Details:
Account Holder        : Embassy of the Republic of Liberia
Bank Name                   :        Deutsche Bank AG
Account Number:        059053901
Bank Code                   :         38070059
Branch Number :                  414
IBAN                            :         DE79380700590059053901
BIC/ SWIFT       :        DEUTDEDK380