Embassy of Liberia

Consular Documents

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Laissez Passer

Under emergency situation, the Embassy will issue emergency travel document (Laissez Passer) to a Liberian who does not possess a passport and who desires to travel to Liberia.  This document is for a single journey to Liberia and the bearer is required to obtain a valid passport through the Passport Office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Liberia.

Other Consular Activities

Type of Request

Fee (EURO)

Laissez Passer 150 €
Express Laissez Passer 200 €
Interview of Identification and Verification of Liberian Citizen 150 €
Express 200 €
Affidavit 100 €
Express Affidavit 150 €
Letter of Clearance 150 €
Express Letter of Clearance 200 €
Authentication of document (Per Page) 100 €
Express Authentication of document 150 €

New Banking Details:
Account Holder        : Embassy of the Republic of Liberia
Bank Name                   :        Deutsche Bank AG
Account Number:        059053901
Bank Code                   :         38070059
Branch Number :                  414
IBAN                            :         DE79380700590059053901
BIC/ SWIFT       :        DEUTDEDK380