Embassy of Liberia

Consular Documents

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Under an emergency situation, the Embassy will issue an emergency travel document (Laissez-Passer) to a Liberian who does not possess a passport and who desires to travel to Liberia.  This document is for a single journey to Liberia and the bearer is required to obtain a valid passport through the Passport Office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Liberia.

Identification & Verification of Liberian Citizens

This service is for Liberian citizens who do not have in their possession, national documents of identification. Interviews are conducted in these cases to verify proof of Liberian Citizenship.

Required Documents:

1. Application Letter (signed by the applicant)

2. Two (2) Passport-Sized Photos.

3. Copy of Residence Permit.

4. In the absence of a national passport copy, copy (s) of any relevant Liberian documents.

5. Payment (150Euro) +15 Euro to include Postage (you can also send a paid envelope or arrange a courier yourself.

6. Payment Receipt

NOTE: All application documents must be sent by Post and all fees paid are non-refundable.

Other Consular Activities

Type of Request

Fee (EURO)

Laissez-Passer 150 €
Express Laissez Passer 200 €
Interview of Identification and Verification of Liberian Citizen 150 €
Express 200 €
Affidavit 100 €
Express Affidavit 150 €
Letter of Clearance 150 €
Express Letter of Clearance 200 €
Authentication of document (Per Page) 100 €
Express Authentication of document 150 €

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