Embassy of Liberia


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Nationality: Noun and adjective–Liberian(s).
Population (2008): 3.49 million.
Annual growth rate (2008): 2.1%.
Ethnic groups: Kpelle 20%, Bassa 16%, Gio 8%, Kru 7%, 49% spread over 12 other ethnic groups.
Religions: Christian 40%, Muslim 20%, animist 40%.
Languages: English is the official language. There are 16 indigenous languages.
Education: Literacy (2003)–20%.
Health: Life expectancy (2005)–42.5 years.
Work force: Agriculture–70%; industry–15%; services–2%. Employment in the formal sector is estimated at 15%.

Ethnic groups and languages

There are 16 ethnic groups that make up Liberia’s indigenous population. There also are sizable numbers of Lebanese, Indians, and other West African nationals who comprise part of Liberia’s business community.