Embassy of Liberia


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Type: Republic.
Independence:  July 26, 1847.
Constitution: January 6, 1986.
Political parties: 30 registered political parties.

Branches of Government

1. Legislative
2. Executive
3. Judiciary


Government and political conditions

Liberia has a bicameral legislature consisting of 73 representatives and 30 senators. Each Representatives serve a six-years term. Senior senators are elected for nine-year terms. junior Senators are elected for six-year term.

The judiciary is divided into four levels, including justices of the peace, courts of record (magistrate courts), courts of first instance (circuit and specialty courts), and the Supreme Court. Traditional courts and lay courts exist in rural areas of the country.

Principal Government Ministries/Agencies

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Post and Telecommunication
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Public Works
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism
Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs
Ministry of State and Chief of Staff
Ministry of Land, Mines and Energy
Ministry of Labor
Ministry of Youth and Sports
Ministry of Gender and Development
Ministry of Transportation
National Investment Commission
Bureau of the Budget
General Service Agency
Central Bank of Liberia
Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization
Liberia National Police
National Security Agency
National Fire Service
Governance Commission
National Elections Commission
Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission